• Why Choose Kazi

    More then 25 years experience in Bangladesh Capital market
    Kazi Equities Ltd. has more then 25 years of in-depth broking experience in Dhaka Stock Exchange. Clients have been trusting us with their money since 1986.

    Low Commission
    We provide excellent value for money by offering one of the lowest brokerage commissions in the industry. We do not charge extra commission for IPO issues.

    No service charges No hidden charges
    There are no service charges or hidden charges with us unlike most brokerages in the industry.

    Online Trading
    Online trading software allows our clients to trade instantly from anywhere in the world. Register with us to avail this facility.

    Multichannel service- Phone, Online, Branch Trading
    In situations when you are unable to trade online, you can trade by calling us or by coming to one of our offices. Trade the way you want- Phone, online or branch trading.

    Personalize Client support
    We support our clients 24/7 though phone and e-mail. When you get in touch with us, you will meet a team of friendly people who are eager to answer you questions and solve your problems.

    Online fund deposit and withdraw
    Our clients can deposit and withdraw money without coming to our offices. Register with us to avail this facility.

    Online IPO Platform
    Our clients can now apply for IPO from home. Know IPO results through E-mail/SMS.

    Free Training for Investors
    We provide free training for our new investors. Sign up for a free workshop at your nearest Kazi Equities branch.