What is a Stock Exchange?

The stock exchange provides a sound and stable securities market where shares can be bought and sold.

What is the Role of the Stock Exchange?

The stock exchange provides listed companies with a channel seek capital fund from the public and at the same time It provides the investors a place to buy and sell shares of the listed companies. The exchange also monitors the market to ensure that it is working efficiently, fairly and transparently.

How many Stock Exchanges in Bangladesh?

There are Two stock exchanges in Bangladesh:

  1. Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. – Established on 1954
  2. Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. – Established on 1995

Of these, Dhaka Stock Exchange is the biggest stock exchange in the country.

How do you select the company Before You Invest?

Don’t put in your money until you have understood all relevant information regarding the investment. Prepare yourself for the vigorous homework of analyzing company’s annual reports, EPS (Earning Per Share), accounts and other statements while keeping abreast of what’s happening in the industry, country and elsewhere that may affect your investment. Consult your investment adviser/broker to get latest market information about shares you intend to buy or sell. Be skeptical of any thing picked up from rumors, particularly if you cannot rationally explain their choice.

What Do Investors Think For Long-term Investment?

Bear in mind that even in the best of securities/shares, there can be short-term aberrations. It is important to have the power to hold your investments for longer periods. Studies have shown that investments properly timed and based on strong fundamentals have been very profitable for investors in the longer term.

What is ‘Book closure’/ ‘Record Date?’

While a company a dividend, right/ bonus shares or intends to hold any AGM/ EGM; it declares a book legislature closer provider/ Record Date to register the name of shareholders.
Only shareholders whose names appear on the register after the book closure/ Record Date are eligible to attend in the AGM/ EGM and also to receive dividends & bonus shares and entitlement to right shares, if any.